Alpha Chapter Accepts New Members

CONGRATULATIONS!  The Alpha Chapter of Sigma Alpha Sigma accepted 169 new members to its organization Sunday afternoon.  New members were notified via email that they had been accepted into the organization based upon their high grades, spotless discipline records, and near perfect school attendance.  As new members of this organization, these students will work to complete community service hours tutoring and mentoring their peers and leading the school and community culture to empower students through academic success.

These 169 new Sigmas join an organization that is already 225 members strong.  While a membership of 394 is not the largest membership group the organization has seen, that was 406 last school year, it is a diverse membership group with the strongest application pool the organization has ever seen.

All thirteen members of the Trustee Board gathered on Saturday, September 10th to evaluate more than 220 applications for membership in order to settle on these 169 members.  Zacari Stuckey stated, "I'm proud of our Recruitment Directors, Esther Lubin and Marcus Medina, they did an excellent job of bringing in applications this year.  Trustees reviewed application after application and were wowed about the great students we were admitting."

New members are scheduled to attend Meet and Greet on Tuesday (9/13) and Thursday (9/15) from 2 to 4 pm.  Meet and Greet is an opportunity for new members to meet and convince Family Heads to adopt the new member into the Family Head's fox family.  Members are assigned to fox families for their lifetime in the organization.  The Family Head who adopts the new member becomes a role model for the new member through out their membership and alumni membership in the organization.