Sigma Alpha Sigma

Alpha Chapter Inductions Ceremony 2018

Date: Saturday, February 10, 2018

Time: 4 pm until approximately 6 pm

Location: Ridge Community High School auditorium

Who should attend Inductions?

  • All current members of Sigma Alpha Sigma.
  • All 2017-2018 applicant members of Sigma Alpha Sigma who have been approved for Inductions. (Inductees)
  • Friends and Family of Inductee members.
  • Community members who have given their support to Sigma Alpha Sigma.
  • ALUMNI of Sigma Alpha Sigma, because, “It’s Not Four Years; It’s For LIFE!”

What should I wear to Inductions?

Inductions is a formal event.  Please wear your “Sunday Best”. Please be sure that your attire is school appropriate.  Remember to be careful of hemlines and neck lines and the height of your heels.  DRESS CODE FOR ALL MEMBERS.  This is an important and ceremonial event.  Please be in your school appropriate, Sunday best.  Remember to be careful of hemlines and neck lines and the height of your heels.  Gentlemen Inductees, a tie tac is highly advised.

What time should I arrive at Inductions?

  • Sigma Trustees:  Trustees must arrive at the side door of the auditorium no later than 2:40 pm for a briefing.  Your briefing begins sharply at 2:40 pm.  Please do not be late.
  • Sigma Family Heads:  Family Heads must arrive at the side door of the auditorium no later than 2:45 pm for a briefing.  Your briefing begins sharply at 2:45 pm.  Please do not be late.
  • Speakers/Performers:  Arrive at the side door of the auditorium no later than 3:00 pm for your briefing.  Your briefing begins sharply at 3:00 pm.  Please do not be late.
  • Inductees:  Check in begins at 3:00 pm in the side hallway of building 4 (by TV productions).  You will see your Sigma Family Head for check in.  Only Inductees are allowed to be in the hallway during check in.  If you are not at check in by 3:00 pm, your name will not be called for Inductions.
  • Existing Members:  Doors to the event will open at 3:35 pm.  Your attendance will be taken from the family photos on stage.  SCHEDULE CONFLICTS MUST SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN 2:00 ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH.  Schedule conflict forms are available here.
  • Parents and Guests:  Doors to the event will open at 3:40 pm.
  • Applicants who are not eligible for Inductions this year:  You are invited to attend the event, but are not required to do so.  If you choose to attend, doors open at 3:40 pm.  You will not need to be on stage during the event and are not required to check in for the event.

What is the difference between a member, an inductee, and an applicant?

  • A member has met all of our membership requirements and was already inducted.
  • An inductee has met all of our membership requirements as of this school year and are being inducted into full membership status on 2/10 during the 2018 Induction Ceremony.
  • An applicant has applied for membership into Sigma, but has not yet met all of the membership requirements.  Their participation in the organization is limited until those membership requirements are met.  Once those requirements are met, the applicant will be rolled into Inductee status for the 2019 Induction Ceremony.

What are the membership requirements?

In order to be Inducted, an applicant must maintain good standing by attending Chapter meetings, being involved in a committee, maintain communication with their Sigma family head, turned in their community service application, be on the road to earning 25 community service hours with Sigma this year, have no more severe discipline than a dress code or tardy, have good attendance in school (less than 5 absences last semester), and MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE A 3.0 UNWEIGHTED CUMULATIVE GPA.  If you aren't sure that you meet those requirements, check with Ms. Cali in 12-113 ASAP to find out if you are on the Inductions list, or see the next answer below.

How do I know what my induction status is?

Check with your Sigma family head (any time after 1/22) or with Ms. Cali in 12-113 (she has that information now) or check at the February (2/6) chapter meeting or wait for your Inductions invitation to arrive in the US mail.

What should I expect during Inductions?

During Inductions, new members to the organization who have met all of the membership requirements are called individually to the stage to make a hand print in our member ship book with the other new Sigma members in their Sigma family.  There are performances during the event by Footprint and Sigma Soul as well as brief speeches by current and new members on their membership experiences within Sigma. We hope that you will join us as we celebrate the hard work our Sigma members do in their community, their school, and academically.  We have a truly successful and compassionate body of members and this is an evening to acknowledge and praise their accomplishments.  And please, bring a camera to take lots of pictures!

Why has the date for Inductions changed so many times?

The date for Inductions has changed because we want to host an inclusive event giving as many people an opportunity to attend as possible.  Our student leadership team suggested a change in the date from a week night to a Saturday afternoon so that the event is more accessible to student athletes, dual enrollment students, parents, community members, and alumni.  We thought we had a Saturday date nailed down that worked for everyone.  Once that date was announced, the conversation back to us was that we picked the worst possible of all Saturdays.  So, in an effort to maintain flexibility and consideration for people’s schedules, we found a better Saturday.  Thank you for your patience while we experience these growing pains.  Our date of 2/10/2018 is now “set in stone.”

How can I be selected to be a speaker for Inductions?

The Trustee Board reviews requests to be a speaker.  Requests to be a speaker can be found here.