When are Chapter meetings held?

A:  The first Tuesday of every month from 2 to 3 pm in the auditorium.  Often a spirit event is held from 3 to 3:30 after Chapter.

How do you get community service hours with Sigma?

A:  Sign up for a Remind account.  Register for events through the Remind account.  Show up.  Sign in.  Sign out.  We do the rest.

How do I find out information about Sigma events and community service opportunities?

A:  Follow the organization through our Remind accounts by texting the following messages to the phone number 81010:

@sasnews for updates and reminders about the general organization

@sigmacom for information about upcoming community service events

@sigmasport for information about working concession stands for service hours

What is a family event?

A:  An event planned by your Sigma family head to develop family spirit among the members of that Sigma family.  Events are not required, but are held off campus and can sometimes include opportunities to get community service or do work for the organization.

Who are our 3 advisors and what are they responsible for?

A:  Crawford—Sigma families.  Family Heads.  Fox Wars

Franklin—Tutoring, Sigma Soul

Cali—FOOTPRINT!!!  Pick up on anything else that needs to be handled.

What do we say at the beginning of Chapter?

A: My Sigmas


Ya'll lookin' good today!


I said, My Sigmas!


Ya'll lookin' good today!


Why are our colors red, black, and silver?

A:  Because red represents passion and excitement for our work; black represents dedication and consistency for our work; and silver represents truth, sincerity, purity, and peace in our work.

How do we pay respect to RCHS in our organization’s logo and crest?

A:  The silver in our colors; the lightning bolt on the left side of the fox’s face in the logo; and the lightning bolt in the paw of the left fox on our crest.

Why is our mascot a fox?

A:  Because foxes are smart, opportunistic, and protective of their families.

Why are we called Sigma Alpha Sigma?

A:  The Greek letter Sigma is used in math to represent summation (or total) and is the equivalent letter for "S" (think student) in the modern American alphabet.  Alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet is commonly used to refer to the "first" or "best" thing among a group.

Putting that all together, Sigma Alpha Sigma is the "first" or "best" student organization to promote the summation (or total) experience of high school students.

We are a bit like a professional organization or union for high school students helping them manage the social and academic lives while promoting positive values in their lives.

Is Sigma Alpha Sigma a fraternity or sorority?

A:  No.  Sigma Alpha Sigma is a non-profit organization founded at Ridge Community High School.  It is not now, nor will it ever be affiliated with any college-level, social/philanthropic Greek Societies.