Dear Members and Parents,

As you know, our organization has moved to electronic payments for dues.  We know this move raises some questions.  Hopefully, we have the answers for you below:

  1. Online payments allow us to be more transparent and accountable that the dues money brought into the organization is deposited into the organization’s internal account.

  2. Online payments eliminate chance of loss/theft of physical dues money taken in during the school day or carried to school by students.

  3. When cash is taken at school, a set window is created for raising funds and funds cannot be taken in after that time.  Doing dues payments online allows our organization to extend that window since a single check is written to the school rather than money being turned in on a daily basis.  Online payments allow the families of our members to pay on their financial schedule rather than on the financial schedule created by the organization.

  4. As an academic organization, we want to minimize the amount of time our members are out of class.  During our dues collection window, members often asked for passes from teachers to go see advisors to pay dues.  With electronic dues collection, that is no longer an option.

  5. Providing receipts to members/parents to verify the payment of dues was impossible previously with physical dues collection because our organization is so large.  However, with an online payment system, receipts are automatically emailed to the payee so that members are able to prove their dues were paid should a question arise.

We know that security is of the utmost concern for our members and parents—it is to us as well.  We spent considerable time and effort researching the most secure and financially sound e-commerce system.  You can learn more about that company (Stripe) at

And we also know that a picture is worth a thousand words.  The pictures below are screenshots of a dues payment I made to the organization so that you can see exactly what I can see on my account dashboard when you make a payment to our organization.  Your banking and credit card information is completely hidden from me.

Hopefully, this will alleviate any concerns you may have with paying online. 

Thank you,


Amanda McCallister

Sigma Advisor